Ceramics Classes  Fall 2009

We are host to the New Horizons ceramic class of the FENFC.  Join this group on Thursdays from 11:00 - 3:00 p.m. to enjoy a lit lunch and fun time creating ceramic pieces.  For more information or if you would like to join this free class please contact us at 905-871-8770.

Craft  Classes  &  Workshops

Over the years, NCNW has offered traditional craft classes for the membership and the community in general to promote cultural awareness and preserve cultural identity. Culturally specific classes keep the community members involved, and allow for a sense of cultural pride.

We've had various instructors who have all taught  participants how to create and bead their such items as barrettes, eye glass cases, purses, pouches, albums, moccasins and jackets for exmaple.


From time to time the Ontario Arts Council has funded some of these programs.  


Seven Generations Native Crafts

It has been a long term goal of NCNW to establish a means for Native women crafters to display and market their goods. In 1997, a project of NCNW referred to as Seven Generations Native Crafts attempted to organize and establish a retail/gallery outlet which allowed an avenue for our crafters to display their crafts and utilize the skills taught in the craft workshops such as entrepreneurship and management skills. The intent of the project was to purchase items from local artists to sell through a catalogue venture, wholesale outlets, over the internet or during craft displays. This served two purposes: assisting native artists and assisting the chapter to become self-sufficient through business development. Today, this business is marginally active due to recent losses of NCNW. Our future plans include the revivification of Seven Generations Native Crafts.